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I have made the MATLABŪ source code for my system publicly available for research and testing purposes. For details of the underlying scientific principles please download my dissertation, available on the main project page.


The system basically inputs an eye image, and outputs a binary biometric template. Also included is code for calculating the Hamming distance between templates, which is required for matching of templates. I have not included code for storage of templates into a database, and code for determining match performance, although I may make this code available at a later stage.

A database of eye images is available from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Terms and Conditions

This code is distributed without any warranty.

If you use this code or any portions of the source code in any publications you must make reference to it as follows.

Libor Masek, Peter Kovesi. MATLAB Source Code for a Biometric Identification System Based on Iris Patterns. The School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, The University of Western Australia. 2003.

You may modify the code, however, acknowledgement to the original author must remain.

The following warning has been placed here at the request of L-1 Identity Solutions (now MorphoTrust), 19 June 2009


Persons accessing this code agree they will not use the code for any purpose other than private study. Any other use of the code, such as to develop a commercial product or computer program without the prior written consent of L-1 Identity Solutions Inc (L-1) presents a significant risk of infringing L-1's Australian Patent No. 709835, US Patent No. 5,291,560 and/or patents L-1 has in a number of other countries.



Please read the above terms and conditions before downloading the source code.

Updated 19
June 2009